Friday, August 24, 2007

i'm back!!

after a week or so i'm back!!! quite a bit has changed - my 2 yr old is now potty trained thru the night, my car is fixed, and i colored my hair too. LOVE IT!!! now most of us are brunettes around the office and scrappin scene- is it a cult? ;o) just kidding... i feel more serious having brown hair though... seriously! oh and since my last post i went on a little shopping spree - - where to you ask? HOBBY LOBBY - and you can probably guess what for.... yep, you guessed it.. Love, Elsie! she is just the stinkin'est cutest thing ever. oh and Dani and Leah are suppose to be getting blogs too so hopefully that happens sooner than later... i really would like to comment on someones blog or vice versa. i'm going to try to get more layouts up here - i will have a few after our scrap-a-thon on sunday. woo hooo!!! maybe we'll have "one last day on the river" pics too. can't wait. and don't think i'm not going to bring the camera tonight for our night on the town.

and here's a shout out to my people!!! love ya!!!

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