Monday, February 11, 2008

Challenge #1!!

New Challenge!!!
we're starting our challenges - Ricky & Rita have posted the first one and here is what it is!!!

write a letter to your former self. "if i knew then, what i know now, what would i have done differently??" pick any time in your personal history and warn yourself of what is to come and give yourself advice on how you should handle it. include pics if you have them, but they aren't necessary.

i will have mine posted sometime next monday... the 18th! can't wait to get started... there will be some serious thinkin' goin' on!!! ;o)

don't forget to check out elsie's new lines!!! lo-ove them - can't wait to get my hand on them!!!
oh yeah - and i found *project 52* and am excited to start working on their weekly "fun" too!!! ;o)

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yellowbugger said...

yippeee!! here we go!! :]