Wednesday, April 2, 2008


hi-eeee! wow what a change! we're finally in missoula... all together - one happy family! exciting! but things aren't exactly normal. joel is working about 11 hour days and caesar is getting super tired of the hotel room... although we do take him walking 4-5 times a day... one thing is for sure though - missoula is a dog-friendly city! love it! the girls and i have gone to a few thrift store but there are plenty more to scope out and we've found 2 scrap stores... huge selection! will have to check into maybe teaching a stampin class or two if they agree to it. i think it would be a great way to meet scrappin friends. so yeah, just staying busy doing nothing. can't swim with the girls either because of my AWESOME tattoo! i'll post pics as soon as i get the computer up and runnin'! we get to move into the house on friday and the cable computer guy comes on saturday! yay! i soooo can't wait! the hotel computers are ok but i think i'm seriously going thru blog, pic and music withdrawals!!! aaaaahhhhhh! ok so - until next time (soon!) i'll be searching for socks, buttons and old sweatshirts! i've got some projects up my sleeve!

xo! jari

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yellowbugger said...

Good to see you blogging again! Can't wait to see what you have hiding up your sleeve!!! :0) The fun is just beginning!!

luv ya!!