Monday, April 28, 2008

julios 5k & my kinda stores!!!

so we went downtown after joel ran his 5k on saturday (finished 231 out of 1010 runners! great job julio!!!)- and that's johnny boy! ;o) very good friend to all of us!...and i found 2 stores.... can you say.. "in love?" seriously love them!
they are both located on "hip strip" - one is a fabric store Selvedge Studio - awesome prints and buttons - even have sock monkey kits! i will take pics sometime when i'm down there again. i found on a very bottom rack - boxes of 'scraps' for $1 each! i got 5!! then the next store that caught my eye was Betty's Divine! super ca-ute store with my kind of jewelry, clothes, purses & shoes! i would like one of each but the way it's priced i'll have to wait til they go on sale. they had a rack outside with their clearance items - i found this little jacket... fun!! it was originally $74 but i got it for a whoppin' $22.20! yay!! anyway - check out their websites... and ...lovely!

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ghettocowgirl said...

Awsome sites!! I see you in the pictures of theses people. They are soooo "You" kind of people. It's scary!! You were meant to be there, that is for sure. It kind of looks like your bike infront of the store. YAY!! You found "YOUR HOME!" It makes me miss you more though. PLEASE don't forget about us. We need you!!!