Sunday, April 13, 2008


we're having a great time in missoula! we finally got moved into the townhouse last friday and are still working on the unpacking but it will get done - sometime! ;o) still needing a routine but after an eventful day like today - it's the start of a great one! the girls and julio are 'out' already and it's not even 9! we got some new toys today. ju and i got bikes (mine's a pink schwinn roxie! love it!) - i will post pics when the camera battery is charged up again - probably tomorrow! we took the girls to the bike path down by the clark fork river and we road until arly told us she was "completely exhausted!" then we came home and bbq'd again! it was such a nice day! fresh air... mmmm... couldn't have asked for a better day with the fam!
i miss you all very much... i'm already trying to figure out if i am going to be able to come back for austin and sarah's wedding and stay that whole week and go to luke and tiana's wedding the following wknd. i'm going to do everything i can to be there - to see you all again... whether it's passing thru pierre or cuttin' the rug and rockin' in brookings or philip! cross your fingers for me! that would be the last weekend of may thru the first weekend in june! right??!?
oh - ju and i booked tickets to go to hawaii to see jenna and fam! can't wait - we're headin' down there the 29th of nov for a week! so we're lookin' for volunteers to come up and how out with our girlies!!! ;o) we would love to bring them back for a visit then but arly has school! i know - can you believe that?!?!? we registered her for kindergarten last week! she's sooo excited! me too - but let's not talk about it yet... we have all summer to prepare me for it - first t-ball! ok well i'm going to try and get some more of my scrap room organized before my eyes shut for the night! please keep in touch - post a comment or send an email!
xoxo! jari (aka carla!-
that's the name i give to people that i don't want knowing my real name! cute huh?)

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yellowbugger said...

Yay!! sounds like you're getting all settled in. lots of exciting things coming up too! love ya!!