Wednesday, May 7, 2008

last weekends find!

i found this little owl family at an estate sale... they were 50 cents for the 3 of them... now, what am i going to do with them?

these beads are awesome... can't wait for a light to go on upstairs as to what i'm going to with them too! and i love this seahorse pendant and the heart were too cute to pass up!

and i've been eyeballing this wooden stamp since i've moved here... finally i bought a paper on sunday so i could get the 50% off coupon for michaels but just as my luck would have it... it was already on sale so i couldn't use the coupon... oh well... i finally got the stamp! can't wait to use it!and these little skulls.... almost too cute for words! <3

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calvin & hobbs said...

It's all SOOOOOOO you!!! lol