Monday, May 12, 2008

our weekend finds and fun!

hi! this weekend was very exciting for us! starting on friday... aj went to kindergarten roundup! yeehaw! she got to meet all three kindergarten teachers at chief charlo elementary! very nice teachers - and got to do activities in each classroom with the other kindergarteners! she is already counting the days down! :o( not sure if i'm ready! (and can you imagine? i forgot my CAMERA!!!) and then we got a call last night... t-ball starts on the tuesday the 20th! yay! we've been waiting! bummer thing is, julio is going to be outta town for her first couple of games. he's feeling super bad! - but i will remember my camera and will shoot a video or two i'm sure! ;o) the girls got to go to work with daddy saturday morning while i went gsaling again! i found some awesome goodies! love the trunk & the suitcase was too cute to leave there by itself
school desk for AJ - she loves it!
more scraps from selvedge studio.... my $1 fabric treasures
i see a lot of potential in this produce box
love these vintage tins

and some eye candy! this store is soooo cute! lovely actually! beads galore!

then of couse we played more wii! ;o)nice toes johnny boy! ;o)

oh and we went to "the market!" they block off a block on the north end of town and it's like a flea market every saturday from 9-1 & they block off the next block for a "food market!" we never made it to the food part but i love the flea part! ;o) *didn't take pics because i was too busy staring but will take some next time i go!* i met some arbonne girls there... they have a nation meeting on the first monday of every month here so i'm excited to meet more people and learn more! they said there are 9 mercedes in town and most of the people i have talked to have never heard of arbonne! exciting! work hard! one of the "a" girls also does a mom/child hiking every mon and wed on blue mountain... about an hour and a half hike... we'll be going on wed if the weather is good! can't wait! time to get out in nature! ;o)

happy mother's day to all you moms! (mom h. and mom s. - your gifts are heading to the post office today!) i had a great one! after moseying downtown looking in all the stores i wanted to see, the girls and joel took me to the iron horse on saturday night - very good shredded pork sammie and salad w/ jalapeno ranch... mmmmm! - and then sunday morning i got breakfast in bed along with a sunday paper... love ads! and a day full of nothing! it was the BEST!!!

anyway, that's our weekend in a nutshell! hope you had a good one! love ya mean it!

xo! ..... *i am blessed!*


ghettocowgirl said...

OH Jari !! I love reading your blogs!! Sounds like a blast, flea markets and awsome stores. I can't believe you forgot your camera for roundup... I guess we'll forgive you. I'm sure your mind was racing!!! Great update!!! Miss you XOXO--LUVS

yellowbugger said...

love your weekend goodies!! let me know what you do with that produce crate...i have one too!! looking for fun ideas to mix it up a little! <3 xo