Monday, June 9, 2008

us again*

we had (yet another!) awesome weekend - here's some pics of us playing mario olympics - talk about working your little hiney off!! fun!
here's johnny boy! throwing the hammer ball! ;o)
and jay!
and julio!
and me!
aren't our facial expression just hilarious!? ;o)
and here's alycat playing the guitar - her favorite song... slow ride! (look at the tongue!)
every once in a while she'll hit a note and the crowd (us!) go wild!!!
here's me and mister jay... he came up from great falls to umpire an asa tourney... girls softball - ages 10-16. he came over for a bbq and wii fun on saturday night. bryan and johnny joined us too!
and my sexy husband! there's something about that hat... mmmm ;o)

here's a pic of johnny and the girls doing a "double decker!" the girls thought this was the best! aly could reach the ceiling! it's amazing!
and aj! my sweet sweet AJ! love her poses! one of my favorite things!sending kisses your way! love ya mean it! ;o)

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calvin & hobbs said...

looks like you guys had a blast. i can't believe arly hasn't grown out of that yet......pretty cute!!! that's a stage you want them to stay in forever!!! awwww...i miss you girls!!!!love ya!