Friday, August 15, 2008

lovely river ladies!!! or rats?!?!....

jamie and me.... missed you jamie and your infectious smile! i love your new house too! thanks for calling me! juice!
me and leah! love you... thanks for keeping me positive all the time! you inspire me sooo much! we'll forever be connected!
dani and me... you've been a great friend... my heart aches for you and your family during these hard times. i'm only a phone call away. loves.
the FABULOUS ladies of the Mighty MISSourI RIVER!!!
we look great after a day in the sun, on the water, in the water, and now with the skeeters! speaking of skeeters... did you see the new stamp in su?!?! love it!!!
maybe our next get together can be when you all come here to go skiing!! and of course hit up miss betty!


1 comment:

calvin & hobbs said...

looks like everyone had a woohoo-tootin' good time!!! you girls all look soooo cute!!!