Friday, October 17, 2008


just another trick up my sleeve! ok not trick... but more a project! leah and i have decided to take on a challenge for ourselves.... we're going to try an online scrapbooking kit club! how fun! but there is a twist... and when we have more details figured out - then i'll share more! but we did take some pics when i was back in sd - and here are a few of my faves!!! enjoy!
(elsie pose.... thanks! :] - you have noooo idea how much we look to you and your girlios for inspo!)


calvin & hobbs said...

you girls are LOL, Funny!!! you did get some super cute pics tho. LOVE UM'!!!

yellowbugger said...

waaaay too much fun!!! these are my faves too!! can't wait to release the first kit...yay!!

Christa said...


Your blog just cracks me up, it sure fits you being such a free spirit. Don't ever change, it makes you, you!! Your sister said she would like to see some pictures of the girls' instead of just you, that would be nice also. Hey, how did you get that picture with both black and white and color? I loved it!! Take care.

julio n carla said...

my camera has an accent function... you choose the color of the accent that you want and it picks up everything in that hue. i have some awesome pics from st patty's day with just the green accented! love it! and the camera has a color swap button... so if you were to take a picture of the sky and grass - the grass would be blue and the sky green! way fun!

thank christa! come back anytime!


kdsmith7 said...

Oh Jari!
You girls just have WAY too much FUN!!! Good for you! It was fun to look at your fun times pics!!! I too, really liked that B&W with color pic - cool!