Saturday, November 8, 2008

first school friend over to play!

oh what a big day for arly & her friend maisy! first time for aj to have a friend over to play & the first time maisy has gone to a friends house too! how fun! they of course had to play dress up! :]
and here is a pic of a cozy i'm giving to jen B... is it close to periwinkle? that's her fave color - i hope she LOVES it! & i made one to fit jen E's energy drinks... (yay... they'll work for cans for those of us that don't like coffee but like soda OR beer!) i didn't take a pic - but i'll get one sometime! it was sooo cute!off to sew more! i'm in two fairs now - really need to get on my business license! ha! november 22nd at the christmas extravaganza at valley christian school (with scentsy too!) and also the made fair on dec 14th!


calvin & hobbs said...

looks like they had a blast...and they sure look BEAUTIFUL!!! how fun huh!!

your cozies look cute! i can't wait to see an energy drink one...i'll need one of those!!

Margaret said...

Those cozies are adorable!!