Monday, November 24, 2008

school projects & new 'dos!

aj had to decorate a tree for school... yep, one of the many i traced last week! :] and this is what she came with...
and notice the new hair cuts.... i LOVE them! they look sooo sweet! (please forgive aly's static-y, crazy messy hair - this is what we usually look like if we are house bums that day!! just like we were today! yay!!!)
and i get mine done on wednesday - cut, color and brows! yay!!! just in time for hawaii!!! *maybe joel will get his cut too*

john flies in tomorrow so we better get to cleaning some more!


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calvin & hobbs said...

WOW Arly, you did an AWESOME job!! Megan and Emma want to do some now! And we LOVE you girly's new DO's!!!!