Monday, December 22, 2008


and..... i'm having a give away!!! that's right! lots of little goodies just for you! just leave a comment telling your absolute most favorite part of Christmas! also leave your email in the comment section below so i can let you know if you're the winner winner chicken dinner! :]

i'm going to let julio pick the winner on christmas eve! yay!

thanks! loves!!!


kdsmith7 said...

Oh Carla!

EVERYTHING about Christmas I LOVE!!!! I love the family togetherness... I love all the decorations & lights ... I love the feelings of the wonder of the real reason for the season ... I love the generosity it brings out in people ... Those are some of my favorite things about Christmas!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU & YOUR FAMILY!!! I did finally get my letters mailed out yesterday so yours is on the way!!!
Love ya,

kimi said...

I would have to say hearing about the amazing things people do during this time. I try to do my part, but I think as a whole there are so many wonderful people that go out of their way to help families in need during this time. It makes me realize that my bad day is nothing when you see families go through the hardships of their year. I am blessed to have a house, food on my table, a stable job and loving family. I try not to take anything for granted.

Merry Christmas!

yellowbugger said...

fun fun!! my fave thing about christmas is seeing that glimmer of excitement in everyone's eye...especially the kids. the older i get, the less often i get that giddy fun excited feeling of's seems to be more about the responsibilities and making sure everything gets done when it needs to be and it drags me down. tis the time of year to enjoy family and friends and remember the meaning of christmas.....may we all be blessed this holiday season!!

<3 xoxo!!

We 4 King said...

My fav part of Christmas is singing christmas carols anywhere anytime~ And i love how my girls make up words they dont know.. like.. jingle bells... oh what fun it is to ride in a one FORCE HOPEN Sleigh Hay! ha ha ha..

calvin & hobbs said...

my favorite thing about Christmas is, friends, baking (although it's going terribly bad this year, LOL), doing the tree with the girls,the lights, the music, all the CRAFTY fun stuff the girls and i can come up with. but the two BEST things are watching how excited megan and emma get about EVERYTHING Christmas has to offer and most importanly REMEMBERING THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS....CHRIST!(it's fun teaching the girls and it's paid off. someone was asking megan about santa and she said "Christmas isn't about just Santa, it's really about baby Jesus being born" YAY!!)...mission accomplished, LOL!


love and miss you!
the O'Grady's

pleas remember to keep our soilders and their families in your prayers this holiday season... GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY AND OUR TROOPS!!!

calvin & hobbs said...

oh where did you get those blocks? i've never found them and my girls would LOVE them!

erinD said...

Love you blog Jari! I also indulged in the fun of supporting local shops in Pierre and my hometown :-)

The best thing about Christmas is FAMILY! This year my brothers, mom, and I have decided to donate to local charities in each others name instead of exchanging gifts. We are also volunteering in a Soup Kitchen on Saturday to spend time with each other!
I recommend it to everyone! It really defines the real meaning of AS you know Jari, time with family is so precious. I value every opportunity to come home and am so thankful for being able to do it!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! We miss you very much! ~Love~eRiN

Darcy said...

Watching kids in the awe and wonder and that knowing God loves me so much that He sent his own flesh and blood

Darcy said...

Watching kids in the awe and wonder and that knowing God loves me so much that He sent his own flesh and blood

sharonjo said...

Well, I love everything about Christmas--families gathered together, the beautiful Christmas music, the decorations and gifts, the wonderful food shared by all--but the best part of Christmas by far is the reason we celebrate--God sending his Son.

"Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!!"

Merry Christmas to you! We'll miss seeing you this year.

Love, Sharon

Anonymous said...

What I love about Christmas? the time with family; decorating, baking, the kids' programs, everyone opening their gifts, and listening to the kids tell about the real reason for the season & the Christmas "promise"... so much fun it is being a mom! Oh, I can't forget.. shopping on Black Friday to get it all started!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to the awesome Spry family!
Brittany Smith

heltzel6 said...

my favorite thing about CHRISTMAS is the excitement on the faces of the kids and Brad (who is like a kid at CHRISTMAS - he doesn't sleep in anticipation of the reaction of the kids CHRISTMAS morning, waking up first and waking the rest of us up by 6ish). the looks on their faces from CHRISTMAS eve services to looking at lights and drinking kid wine to opening presents with friends and family make the stress and hussle and bussle well worth it.

danyell said...

i love watching a christmas story with my kids!!! they even ask to watch it now. and they almost know all the words:) it's one of the best xmas movies EVER!!

love ya,
danyell, talk soon and have a great xmas