Thursday, December 18, 2008


look what i won!!! holy cute!!! :Dthanks rachel! check out her website...(isn't she super cute!??!)

i have everything packaged & ready to go to the PO tomorrow am! yay! this year, i tried to only make handmade or shop locally! and what an incredible feeling! there were a few GC's that were purchased at the 'big stores...'

i joined in on the last 2 blogs with elsiecake for our online class - i LOVE HER! so i'm a little sad that the class is coming to an end but i am loaded with inspiration! it's crazy! i haven't felt like this before (with crafty fun-ness!) it's amazing!

i LOVE....
lumberjack plaid
egg nog!
jolly rancher candy canes
tinsel wreaths
paper chains
elsie's class projects!!!
red & pink color combos
& i'm sure lots more but right now - that's what i LOVE!
what about you? what are some of your faves right now?

have a great night! xo!!!!

are you ready for christmas?


yellowbugger said...

yay!! congrats!! i love these girls too, including the blonde at the end of your post...esp the blonde!! :0) great pic!! where did you get the skully??

yellowbugger said... loves at the moment....

~peppermint candy canes
~white christmas trees with candy colored glass ball ornaments
~cinnamon cider scent
~sunday comics wrapping paper
~all things blingy and sparkley!!
~snow (but not the cold that comes with it..)
~christmas music

'tis the season!! :0) <3

Lizee said...

congrats on winning the pillow!
thats awesome!!! :)

im in elsie's class bummed i missed the last chat!

calvin & hobbs said...

YAY!!! i think you're the LUCKIEST person i know!!! hee hee