Monday, December 8, 2008

o Chirstmas tree...

we're having a white Christmas inside this year since we have yet to see some snow... :[ but i LOVE it! thanks rachel & rita!

these are a few of my favorite things...

on the agenda for today... it's going to be a LOVELY day!
.....delivering scentsy & pc, putting laundry away, working on projects for elsie's class! - stockings, perler bead albums, clay charms, wooden figurines, and paint! (i realize this seems quite ambitious but maybe i'll get some of it done today - but by the end of the week for sure!)

ok talk to you soon!



yellowbugger said...

merry merry merry christmas!! and happy new year too!! :0)

calvin & hobbs said...

CAUUUUTE!!! love the white tree, and those shades your wearing too, lol!!! Looks like the girls had a blast making the tree BEAUTIFUL!!! and i'm sure everything else will be white soon!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

kdsmith7 said...

I would not worry about not having white outside where you live!!! The white tree looks very pretty! I would always want a green tree somewhere too but a white one would be fun to have also! I actually hauled over MANY totes of Christmas decorations today - plus the 3 Christmas tree boxes & put the tree up & a couple other things so far. It's so weird trying to see where I want to put things after they have been in the same places for so many years!
I decided that I needed a break from the icky sorting & hauling & do something fun!

hollysarah said...

I've sent your package with some extra special love!! (just thought you should know) :)

You're tree is adorable! I love it.