Wednesday, December 24, 2008

pretty packages... and super late Christmas cards! :D

aren't they the sweetest little tags?!? thanks Elsie!!! and they're on their way!!!
and our Christmas cards are runnin' just a tad late... oops! life has been crazy... but FUN CRAZY! and i also thought that being a stay at home mom would mean that i have LOADS of extra time.... ummm... yeah.... NOT SO MUCH! aaahhhhhh!

anyway - i'm waiting for santa to come tonight... the girls are in bed, the guys (johnny is spending Christmas with us!) are sleeping on the couch... and i'm watching elf and drooling over etsy! today i got the most lovely scarf - or neck cozy... how cute does that sound?!... from this fantastic lady! and she also sent me the rad journal! *squeal* thanks hollysarah! i hope that we can keep in touch! you are very inspiring to me! :]
look how excited these little chillins are! yay!!!! (but super nervous too about not wanting santa to come into their bedroom! ha ha! they're all cuddled up in aly's bed.... ahhhh the sweetest!)

ok well i think i hear little hoofprints on the rooftop.... oh crap! the fire's still going!!! oops!

loves to you all!!!!!



calvin & hobbs said...

your girls look super could they possibly go to SLEEP?!?!

photography4me said...

You are tooo funny!!! I often wondered if the little ones ever thought about that. (If there was a fire still going)
Your little ones are adorable.