Tuesday, April 14, 2009

baskets + bag = <3

these are the girls' baskets... the bunny and sun patterns are from our 'pretty' class... they are elsie's design.. who else!? ha ha! she had a holy awesome bunch of them to choose from - so i let the girls decide. aly picked the bunny and aj picked the cuutie sunshine. i'm sooo ready to learn how to really embroider. one of my favorite embroiderers (ha! is that a word?) is hollysarah - check out what she's working on here. AMAZING! i want to spend a wknd with her and just craft and learn from her creativity!oooo and this bag! eeeeek! i've been looking for a purse like this for a while and finally found this one at goodwill last week. and i got the idea to embroider felt on it from here.... LOVE! janel has also inspired me today! look at what she's been working on! <3!
ok - so now julio is going to go "practice" softball with the guys tonight - he was suppose to help me clean the DISASTER in my creative space... i'll def take some before/after pics for you! SCARY!!!!
ok loves... time to make supper!
and if anyone has some embroidery tips i'd love for you to teach me!


hollysarah said...

hey girl, awesome easter baskets! I like how you let the girls pick, that's cute.
Thanks so much for your embroidery compliment! :)
I seriously taught myself from youtube vids and the instructions on the sublime stitching website. Keep at it, and try different types of stitches, and just play with different patterns! Elsie's are the BEST, but of course.
xo holly

kimi said...

I totally love them! I have not even tried to embroider yet! I might bring some patterns with me to Springfield. I will definately have to check out Holly's suggestions for youtube and sublime stitching! have a fab day!