Sunday, May 10, 2009

what a lovely day!

blue skies.... sunshine! footsie!
girly girls... i love them! i know this is going to sound corny - but they complete me! they are my sunshines, my rainbows, my cupcakes, my loves! they are so kind, thoughtful, generous - and NO crabbin' today! i loved it!
and joel - he made today perfect for me! he is an amazing man who i am soooo grateful for. he brightens my days!
me & aly on roxie... and the new basket = <3
roxie and me posing by this rad vw van! (look rachel.. the tights! cuuute huh?) although i can tell by these pics that i need to place my brooches better. looks odd! ha!
starbucks capt crunch frap.... mmmmmmmm! (and i even got it while the girls were sleeping so i got it all to myself!)i hope you mommies had an amazing day! lovie love you!!!


kimi said...

ahhh, how fun and I love your bike!! i want to paint my hot pink, probably this summer. where did you find your basket?? ohh, i wish i lived near you so we can go cruising on our bikes :) oh how i miss you.

angela said...

Are those the betsey johnson tights from "the style". They look way cute on u.

jari spry said...

oh kimi i would LOVE to go biking with you! fun! joel got the basket for me at rei :D just big enough for caesar... our japanese chin!

angela... rachel and i went thrifting at some different local shops and i found them for .97! and i do looove! :D

Vivianna said...

Looks like such a lovely day! I miss you

lacy said...

my goodness sake does your cuteness ever end! LOVE YOU

RachelDenbow said...

The tights!!! You did it!

Love the bike, too!