Monday, July 27, 2009


LAST NIGHT... WOW!!! it had to have been one of the most AMAZING experiences of my life... we were driving home from Lewistown when we ran into a thunderstorm. it was pouring like nobody's business and the show from above was breathtaking. then CRACK! Lightning almost struck us! we guessed that it was about 50-60 feet away from us and it was the most brilliant red i've ever seen! and the sound... oh my! i think our dog almost lost control of himself! poor guy! :D but it was incredible! i'll never forget it!

speaking of lightning... how about these?!!?ModCloth TF21 T

Lightning Knit Scarf

Vinyl - and i do love the chair too!

ok i'm going to watch Amelie and maybe try and knit! wish me luck!


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chelseybell. said...

i was caught in, seriously, a tornado on my way to little rock and we experienced exactly what you were talking about. lighting was cracking right above my car--except instead of being amazed i cried :). i really didn't want to die one of those freak-vacation deaths.