Thursday, October 22, 2009


i've been working on LOTS of projects lately....
my 2009-2010 calendar from RVA... i love how it turned out.this page is for my Scentsy Sisters! There are now 43 girls on our team!!!anyone want to come to my purse party?!?!? it's going to be sooo fun!and i've been trying to keep up (ok at least do a few) projects from the autumn rva girls class....
and these journals were sooo fun and easy!
i made 3 of them for my sweet friend... love you Ari!
and i've have lotsss more but i'm waiting until THE HOT PINK FLAMINGO opens on NOVEMBER 1st!!! yes! we're finally doing it! Leah and I are working on projects and we can't wait to share! and my MIL is making the cuuuutest guys you might have ever seen... (or pretty darn close!)
ok... nightiessss! i'm off to watch season 2 episodes 2, 3 & 4 of madmen with my hubby!
xo. jari


RachelDenbow said...

ha! I just finished watching an episode of MM. And your planner looks SO GOOD!

Store opening again sounds exciting!!!

corinne said...

LOVELOVELOVE your 2010 day planner! turned out fantastic!!!
have fun watching the best show ever ;)

Carrie said...

Your planner is great!

Mad Men is it the best !

Amber said...

Love the planner!! I am still on season 1 of MM but am hooked!