Thursday, October 8, 2009


here's a LOAD of pics... from our recent trip to LV!
i looooved staying at the flamingo! wonder if it has anything to do with my etsy shop... that will have stuff up and ready for someone else's home on NOV 1st! my bestie Leah and I are going to open up shop together! yay!!

oh... here comes the lights... chillin' poolside... in the shade! but somehow, my pasty self got a little burn... ha!and the real flamingos = cuuuuute.old vegas was my fave.and we got in trouble when the girls saw the pics of the 'castle!'m&m wrapper purses... seriously, made all out of wrappers!these colors melt my heartand this chandelier & scarves had me at hello! UO.and we soooo can't wait for this movie to come... as i know most of you are! we are making a family date on the 17th!loveloveoh my the cuuutest nerd monkey ever!!my highlight of the trip! i was like a kid in the candy store! and spent my gambling money here instead of on the roulette tables!

there was sooo much to see and do and we didn't do a fraction of them.

with blisters, sore sore bodies (geez, we obviously need to exercise more!) and 'old people' syndrome (wanting to just lay in bed all day and night, yeah, pretty lame right?!) it was a pretty good vacation!

thanks mom for watching our girlios so we could go!

next trip.... puerto vallarta in january! thank you scentsy!

where have you been lately? where are you going?




hollysarah said...

cool! I've never been to Las Vegas before but it looks so bright and flashy and crazy and fun!
I think it's so cool that Scentsy has given you these opportunities... go girl!
I'm in Springfield til monday and it'll probably be the last trip I go on for a while.. so I'm gonna make it count! :)

Just Sweet Love said...

WOW!! I've never seen Old Vegas in that light before... You make me want to go and appreciate it!