Tuesday, November 24, 2009

getting in the SPIRIT.

here we are... GOOFBALLS! we are trying to grow into our little 'who' noses!

and it was time to write Santa our letters... Alyn's letter:
Dear Santa
I would like bed a vail, a boy barbie, cutie blanket, rings, and my own geaelr box. How do you put out the fire before comie down the chinmey? how are you and Mrs Clas doing? how are your reineer? are they ready to what are your ??? once christmas is over?
Love alwae your good girl Alyn
Arly's Letter:
Dear Santa, I would like three princess barbie's like jasmine, cinderella, sleeping beauty and highheels. i would have my own colored pencils and skiny markers and my own crayons. i would ahve my own soing mushin and a barbie house. i would want my own coloring books. love, six year old Arly.
hmmm.... i guess Arly doesn't want to have to share EVERYTHING with her younger sister anymore. ha!
it's the most wonderful time of the year!
what have you been doing to get prepared for this magical season?
xo. jari


Jamie said...

How fun! We're going to have to do that this weekend! It's so fun to see what they write (& how they spell things) without any help. Loove your tree!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Lovely!!!

Carrie said...

haha we do that all the trying to look like the whos from the Grinch

Have a great Thanksgiving :)


JenCoen said...

You say goofball, I say adorable!!
Those letters are so precious!!!

We are busy decorating the house and snuggling up to Christmas movies every night.

Have a lovely day!!

Suzanne said...

those letters are absolutely adorable!!!