Monday, November 9, 2009

much to be thankful for...

besides the super obvious... i am tryly thankful for my bestie Leah... she came up to spend the last 48 hrs with me and i'm sooo happy we had even a short amount of time together! here are some pics from our wknd.
and my MIL Theresa... who is just as excited about THPF as we are!!! she has made some INCREDIBLE crafts that i will be posting tomorrow... i'm serious! - you DEFINATELY want to come back and see them tomorrow afternoon. (i screamed out loud when i saw them! lovelove!!!)
psssst... giveaway post tomorrow too!!! and cupcakes too!



Anonymous said...

Your shop looks great so far! I just opened an etsy with Will and my sister. Isn't it fun? :) You and your friend are adorable!!

hollysarah said...

that last photo of you is soo cute! Looks like you and your friend had fun. :)

miss james said...

thank you sweetie!
i loooooove your pretty hair.


Kristin said...

Woop woop for besties! Mine was here last weekend and it was fabulous! Your shop is gorg btw!

owen,tania,caleb,thaddeus, gideon,hannah said...

very creative the formal dresses on the bench shot:)