Thursday, November 12, 2009

what's in my bag?

the lovely elsiecake just posted what's in her bag... and thought i'd join the fun!my brand new navy and white plaid purse from jen e designs - oh and the spools of thread wallet is from there too!, arbonne chapstick, 2010 planner (kit found on rva), pink marker and scentsy pen, thpf gingham cozy, mini m&ms, ipod, scentsy business cards & catalogs :), pocket monster, 1 mommy black flower hair-clip and 1 kiddo cute rosey hair-clip, the cuuuuutest birdy camera case from my bff! and my blackberry skeleton. i wanna see yours too. leave me a link if you play along!


Anonymous said...

I only have old buss tickets and gum in my bag. I am so boring! I need a bag makeover! :)

Rozie said...

Cool 2010 planner. Where did u get it at?

vivianna said...

miss you love! I wish I was hangout in your cute bag!

kimi said...


is jen e designs the girl that did that waist purse you had at the RVA weekend? i looked on her etsy but didn't see any and I really want one.

Life is Love Cherish Life said...

OMG I see you have actually made your day planner...mine is sitting is pieces and I fear I will never complete it!!!!

Caitlin said...

your RVA planner looks so cute!!! :)

Jackie said...

Your planner is adorable! I'd show what's in my bag, too, but it desperately needs to be cleaned out.

vanessa said...

Oh my gosh, everything in your bag is so fun and cute! Who knew a purse and its contents could be so exciting

ails said...

your 2010 planner is super cute! it's nice to see what i might learn/create when i join elsie's classes. Thanks for sharing this!

i also think your braid scraves are cool and perfect for my boring office uniform. ^_^

Jodi said...

Stopping on by from freckled nest's blog - Your bag looks so fun - and totally seems to reflect the person you are! I'm too ashamed to show what's in my bag - it is way overdue for a clean out. Happy weekend!

JenCoen said...

Wow girlie! You've got some goods inside your bag!! :)

LRW said...

What a great bag!! Love your shop!

cindy said...

My purse wishes it carried have of the cool items you are carrying. So prepared! :D

k8lynr said...

looks like an awesome spread, especially the m&m tube. mmmm.

Amber said...

Jari... I am so glad you have reopened the shop! There are a lot things I would love to own.
Congrats on learning to knit. It can become addicting!!

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

ha!I love the little plush monster and just about everything in your bag is homemade or independently made! (we'll overlook the M&Ms...haha, they're Chocolate!!!)

Sarah M

Anonymous said...

your bag is exciting

skyerae said...

Such cool stuff in your bag! Wish mine looked like that. And I really like your crocheted zombies in your shop. Too cute!

Didee said...

You have so many gorgeous goodies in your bag!! xo

Anonymous said...

That's one heckuva full purse! Cute!

Carol Anne said...

You have some super cute stuff in your bag! My purse is too small to keep cute stuff in! haha! Even your bag is cute!

by the way your shop is cute! i love the little monsters!

letter {A} studio said...

I hopped on over from the Freckled Nest blog...your stuff if so cute...I just learned how to knit too & am totally hooked!

Amy Lynn said...

The spool wallet is super cute! I will have to snag one of those planners from RVA soon, they are so fun!

jessica lozano said...

ahh i love that planner!
i wanted to get one but they ran out :/

cute purse too :)

Lane said...

I wish the stuff in my bag was as cute and color coordinated.

Chelseabird said...

Love your plaid bag! It's so cute!

I've been wanting to do a "What's in your bag" post forever. Maybe I'll make one soon :]

Rhianne said...

Your bag is so colourful, mines just a mess lol

Kristin said...

Yours is way more fun than mine! Mine is usually a diaper bag and filled wipes and snacks. Ah ha

Gabby said...

Anyone who carries M&Ms is a friend of mine!

Hello from Freckled Nest! Have a fantastic week!

lovejustice said...

Oh! Your bag is so colorful!! Mine's pretty blue right now and white from receipts, lol. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

The pocket monster is definitely my favorite! Everything is too cute. I wish my bag was THAT interesting.
Love the blog, definitely following. :-)

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