Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Number 6 & 7

even though my kitchen doesn't look NEARLY as cutie as this.....
i still want to cook more. Joel does 95% of the cooking/cleaning in our house and this is the year that i want to step it up and help out. (sheesh... what was a realllly doing as a stay at home mom?)
and baking... oh baking... i think i might have fallen in love!
and can you imagine this pan? i'd be using it every day! i think i'm, like, in love.......
and i'm pretty sure i'm ready to start picking up and cleaning more. it really is tiring living in a cluttered home. so hard to get motivated to do anything when all you see is chaos everywhere.
since the 1st, i've organized the pantry, and my super scary craft room, and i've EVEN cleaned out the spare room :) yay me! (idk if it's because my dad is coming out this weekend to watch our girlios while we are in MX or if it's because i'm really ready for change... either way, i'll take it!) it feels sooo much better.
but shhhhhhh.... i'll still leave the toilet scrubbing to lovely hubby.
what is your fave/most dreaded house chore? .... mine is PUTTING LAUNDRY AWAY! aaaahhh!
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Debbie Henriksen said...

Oh I would have to say all chores are my least favourite but I think I am with laundry sits in the laundry room with the clothes in baskets and we have to go downstairs to get our clothes...I really don't know why we all have dressers? LOL!

Sara Kate said...

Amen, sister! I am SO over the clutter in my apartment, and have vowed to change. And laundry is definitely my least fave chore. YUCK.

hollysarah said...

Ryan does a lot of the cleaning & tidying too... that's part reason why he got me a dishwasher for Christmas! We're both loving it!!
I'd say my favorite chore to do is Laundry because I looove the smell of clean clothes, and I love seeing what I have in my wardrobe, and if I have the time, I like to hang stuff up in categories, or color coordinated, lol. Also, when it's washing, or drying, you have free time to blog! lol
I haaaaaate dishes. But that problem is now solved!

Amber said...

We have good hubbies!! Mine does most of the cooking too! I avoid cleaning the litter box like the plaque. My hubby does that. I also really don't like cleaning the toilet either. Hmm...I see a trend here.

TaMs* said...

love that bright kitchen.

Katherine said...

eek! I would give anything to have some bunny biscuit cutters!