Sunday, January 10, 2010

See you on Saturday...

(photo source : flickr)
In 7 short hours we are off to Mexico. When I say 'short", I mean SHORT! i haven't even started packing, Joel is still doing laundry, I'm still blogging... ha! I have gotten all the snuggles in with the girlios... but there will be more in the next few hours.
We're sooo looking forward to this Leadership Training... it's going to be exactly what we need for our business this year. yays!
and did I mention that we are stopping for one night to stay with this lovie? SO EXCITED!
so.... See you on Saturday.
xo. jari


Anonymous said...
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India Daisy said...

just found your blog - looks awesome, can't wait to read all your updates.
Enjoy Mexico!

Just Sweet Love said...

Have the best time!!!!! Hurry back with lots of pretty pictures! xxo