Saturday, March 13, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS (& where have i been?!?)

We've been suuuper busy here at the Spry house... ever since we got home from Vancouver, it seems life has flown by!!! I still have some posts and pics to share for CANADA! (which we looooved!)So since then, we've had 3 birthday parties!!! Mine, Arly's and Alyn's.... we hit 100 on Troop Sniff Whiffers!!!! (now we're at 108!)... we had fairs & Scentsy parties... we've had conferences, MOPS & gymnastics.... we've had sickness.....
BUT.... We're back now! and I PROMISE you I won't be gone for 27 days again... that's ridiculous!!!! :)

Pics from Arly's 7th Birthday... bowling with friends!!!Grama and Uncle Jack surprised Arly on her birthday morning, driving 11 hours one way to stay for a too short 30 hours... next time we'll make it a few more hours longer! xoxo!

We made a cute penant garland from vintage sheets and pillow cases for Alyn's 5th Birthday... Peter Pan Style :)it was a dress up party... and Alyn was Tiger LilyAlyn got a real digital camera (well real for a 5 yr old... it's a Hello Kitty Sanrio) and she does have some mad photography skills... look!

The quality is not so good... but i love the exposure it put on these pics. and she's proud of it so that's all that matters :)

ps... i've missed you. and i'm patiently waiting for blog makeover from LA & if anyone wants to make a blog button for me that'd be fantabulous! (you might find some cherry limeade or go-go goji scents in your mailbox if you do!!! :)

PS.. Check out Holly's new blog buttons... so cute!

XO. Jari


angela said...

missed you silly girl. looks like the girls both had fun at their parties..

Amber said...

Yay!! So glad you are back! I got my happy mail this weekend and loved it!! Wore my gloves all weeken. Thank you so much!
Looks like the birthday parties were a hit!