Wednesday, September 8, 2010

4 Simple Goals.

I'm finally posting my 4 Simple Goals that Elsiecake started a few months ago. I have a lot of online buddies doing this little challenge too. It always helps when you have support and positive people working towards improving themselves too. so... here it goes.
1. SEW more! I want to sew sew suck your toe alll the time. But I never get my rear downstairs and get 'er done! So starting tonight, I'm vowing to sew at least something, anything, every single day (that I'm home.) By the end of the year I want to finish my Home Ec class, make pretty things for my home and be comfortable enough to sew clothes for my girlios and myself.

2. WAKE UP! I don't know why, but I've NEVER been a morning person. I just started drinking coffee about 8 months ago and that is one thing that I look forward to in the mornings. Now the house is super quiet with both girls going to public school full time, so it's almost like I'm just super lonely. This is our second week and today, after I dropped the girls off, I came home and napped for 3+ hours! That is NOT GOOD! Do you have a routine that works for you?

3. DRINK MORE H2O! Every day I need to be drinking tons of water. However, most days I don't. I really only like warm tap water... and like to drink it from a water bottle best. I know that I would feel better and eat less if I drank more water. So, someone please pass the cute water bottle and I'll drink up :)

4. BLOG more often. I have become the worlds worst blogger. We traveled to many places this summer and I have barely posted anything. So if I do #1 and #2 I will have plenty of time to blog about plenty of pretty things. Maybe I should have a blog schedule. Do you have one? Any ideas on what I could do?

After I get these 4 goals down pretty good, and on a regular basis, I have a few fun ones that I'd love to get started on by the end of the year too. That'll be another fun post.



Lizee said...

great 4 simple goals. easy to achieve and fun =) I also have to increase my water intake.

I love your blog banner... who created it?

jari spry said...

Thanks! Leigh Ann of FreckledNest did! i love it. it's so cute :)