Tuesday, May 20, 2008

***AJ's First TeeBall Game!!! ***

oh i am so proud! she did a great job! didn't need the tee and even made a play at home! the coaches are fantastic! no negativity allowed! all the kids had fun! she plays one game twice a week! she loved it! i'm going to try and upload a video of her only at bat. they usually play 2 innings with all the kids batting and they all make it to home base so they get used to running the bases.... but because of time issues they just played one inning tonight! ok - so now i'm going to try the video! ;o)



calvin & hobbs said...

Awesome ARLY!!! How fun!!! I want to play, Good job and i can't wait for the video!!!!!!

Blanche said...

I miss you guys so much. I cant beleive how big the girls are getting. Looks like Arly Cat is having a ball! Thats great! luv ya Dee

sprythomas said...

HURRAY!!! Im so proud of you AJ! Grandpa call that night and told me the new, i was excited.. but it was to late to call you! ill call soon and we can talk T-Ball..
Love you guys

calvin & hobbs said...

i'll update mine as soon as someone else updates theirs, lol. i'll try and do it tues., love ya!