Tuesday, May 27, 2008

memorial weekend!

our weekend was great! joel flew in friday night around 930 -went to famous daves for some ribs and then we went home and vegged! didn't get outta bed until 1130 on saturday! hung out at home all day doing NOTHING! sunday we got up and went to a pig roast about 27 miles out in the mountains! it was fun! a little overcast and sprinkled every now and then but we were out there from about 230 until 6... the girls had fun! we played bocce ball and frisbee - had a few brews - and met more people! yay! always a bonus. aly was so proud too that she ate "PIG" - she thought the snout left on the pile of meat was cool! ;o) aj is quite the frisbee girl! we just had a great time! when we got home, julio and johnny boy went to the jason spooner concert downtown. they had a great time... got home pretty early in the morning! ;o) ha ha!
then monday we played mario kart, did a little grocery shopping, and bbq'd burgers for supper... it was a fantastic weekend!
here are the pics!
the little creeks are filled to the max! the 90 degree weather last week caused lots of melting on the mountains and there are lots of rivers and creeks filled up and out of their beds!
i just couldn't NOT take a pic of this little ranch house... it's so stinken cute! (lovely actually)
pulling up to the pig roast! that's johnny boy in front of us!
there's Julio!!!

and me! playing bocce ball! with my st pauly's girl!

and miss crazy AJ! she's our poser! ;o)

and Alycat! everyone loved her beads! ;o)

too cute to not share! love these pics!

there's the pig! do you see the whole head? pretty crazy - but way fun! there were guys playing the banjo while they were carving the porker! the girls just stood and stared! they loved it!

finally a pretty decent pic of me and julio! love and miss you all! <3

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