Monday, June 16, 2008

DAD day BBQ!**

hi again! saturday we spent the afternoon hangin' out with friends and eatin' good ole bbq food! joel made pork ribs with his own rub! it was delicious! we went over to will, ariell and elliotts house. they have a 12 foot pool in the backyard that arly thought was the greatest thing ever! it was freezing cold but she didn't care - spent 3 hours in there! every time she went under water it took her breath away... toooo cold for me. burrrr*

(that's little elliott - he didn't mind his little toes gettin' the freezing pool but there was NO WAY alyn would even think about it!)

the rest of us played lawn golf, chatted and watched the kids play.

then later, we all went inside and played wii.... they had wii fit - - too much fun! definately on our list of must haves.... very soon! talk about whippin' your butt into shape! youch!
will doing yoga strength training! too funny!
chance - ariell's brother - doing some insane push up stretch thingy's!
johnny boy ski jumping... it's amazing what the wii fit pad can read.... you have to completely control your balance!julio tight rope walking.... i'm telling you, this is the ultimate game to help lose weight, gain balance and control - and it even helps with posture! (who needs that?!?!? pick me pick me!!) we're considering purchasing one... even gives you personal trainers to help you lose weight! awesome huh?!?!?

and miss ariell - playing guitar hero for the first time! we had so much fun!

yesterday we went down to the river to let the girls ride their bikes on the bike path - (camera was dead...sorry!) we walk/rode all the way to the griz stadium! can't wait for tailgating this fall! it was such a beautiful day yesterday - we've been soaking up the sun while we can! around 4 o'clock yesterday we took julio to the airport... he's in phoenix all week for work again. he'll be home friday! yay!! ;o)

so.... tell me how you spent your fathers day?

xo! jari

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We 4 King said...

thats ways funny!! Loved your pics~ We got a wii but darnit we wii fits are soo hard to find here!! Ask jenna i've been trying for weeks now... Glad to see u guys like it! =)