Monday, June 23, 2008

little catcher girl!

it's been a long season already and aj doesn't want a lot to do with tball anymore... but she's now learning the lesson - when you start something you have to finish it. they asked her play catcher last thursday and she had no complaints... she did a GREAT job. even in the outfield the next inning she ran after 2 balls and threw them to first! i was so proud! we were so sad that joel missed seeing her all decked out in the catcher gear.... he was out of town for work again. she has 4 more games and he'll be here for one of them. next year it will be better though. but i'm not sure if she'll want to do it again next year.... maybe though. right now she's wanting to do ballet! ;o) she sure is a dancing princess at heart! <3

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Anonymous said...

She looks pretty cool. T-ball in Pierre doesn't have catcher's equipment. She looks like she is ready for baseball. You do such a great job keeping your web page up dated. I have enjoyed the pics. See you in July:)