Thursday, July 10, 2008

cooler scooter & another bbq!

so this is the famous "league d's nuts" cooler scooter! that is the team julio plays softball on. johnny, bryan and ju all play on that team... sponsored by summit beverage (johnny's a truck driver... miller man!) they have done very good this season. i think they're record is 16-5 maybe... something in that ball park anyway! the girls loved riding on the yellow train! ;o)

bbq bbq bbq! we love to bbq! more pics! ;o)

oh and since last post... i'm a new SCENTSY escential consultant! leadless, wickless, flameless, smokeless candles! very very safe for everyone - esp kiddos and pets... will never leave black on your walls! yay! here's my website... i'm putting my first order in on sunday the 13th... let me know what you think. i'm also having launch parties in sd when i'm home... i will have all 80 scents available for you to sniff out! in rapid city on monday july 21st at 7 pm... 2003 oak ave... home of my favorite sister-in-law tiffany spry! then in philip on thursday july 24th at 6 pm at my favorite oldest sisters home.. jackie heltzel... 610 sunshine dr in philip! i hope you can make it - and if not, and i do get to see you when we're home - i'll have little basket testers that you can put your nose into... don't think i won't have you get your smell on! ha ha!

anyway - i'll post more soon... i need to get the girls ready to go pick up daddy at the airport!!!

oh yeah, and always remember to practice safe scents!!! hee hee!

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