Monday, July 14, 2008

SCENTSY {Launch Party}

i had my scentsy launch party yesterday afternoon - i loved my displays and was kind of bummed that only one gal showed up - but then i look at the brightside... she didn't know anything about scentsy before she came over and now i know she's going to love what she purchased! it's a little difficult trying to have an open house when you don't know very many people in town but i'm still going to go for it. maybe a sunday late afternoon wasn't a good time, i'll shoot for a weekday next time! but did i mention i loved my displays? here they are!

and these are little coffee flower pens that ari and i made! perfect to cleanse your sniffer when smelling all the different scents!

anyway - i hope to see you all at one of the shows in SD.... monday the 21st at 7 pm.. home of tiffany spry - 2003 oak ave, rc or thursday the 24th at 6 pm... home of jackie heltzel - 610 sunshine dr, philip!



sprythomas said...

I'm excited to have a SCENTSY PARTY at my HOUSE! Atleast it will smell good for when Trey comes home lol! I'm also very excited to see you! Love ya

Anonymous said...

Very Very nice display!! Great job Jari!! Your creativity always amazes me, you never run out of new ideas!! Can't wait to see you! Juice!! Jamie