Thursday, August 28, 2008

1st DAY of SCHOOL!!!! yay!!!

so yesterday was the first day of school.... it was nice - joel and i got to go with arly. we were there from 830-1000am. we met arly's teacher mrs. emily johnson, she met her classmates - 20 in class, we were given the daily agenda and also filled out lots of paperwork, found her desk..arly hung up her backpack in her very own locker and we even left a check for hot lunches!!! fun!!! i did good... my eyes were full of tears a couple of times - but nothing fell! yay!

and then today.......

we walked to school together... just the two of us. she was really excited to go but you could tell she was a little sad. i was too - but way excited!!!

they stood in line when the first bell rang... and there they went - - i'm sooooo excited to hear all about it in about 1 hour!!! yay!!!

ps - alyn and i did very well today without her - jackie, riley, reece and brady are here visiting - but next week - we might be completely lost... *sniff, sniff*


yellowbugger said...

omg...she's such a little lady!!! great pics!! i got a little lump in my throat reading and looking... she looks soo super proud, and happy....and her teacher looks like a sweet pea! she'll have a great year!! good way to start the "school years" :0)

calvin & hobbs said...'s making me nervous for next year!! she does look excited!! and her teacher looks sooo nice. i'm sure she's gonna love it!! does she go everyday? i'm sure you and alyn will love your "YOU" time! i'm looking forward to that with emma! tell arly we're soooo PROUD of HER!!

julio n carla said...

yes... mon-fri from 825 - 255 everyday.... except thurs on full weeks (no holidays) they get out at 2... i HAVE to remember that!
it's nice because jackie and kiddos have kept us company so far - so i'm sure next tues and wed aly and i will be completely lost. but it will be just as good for us as it is for arly! she LOVES it!

sprythomas said...

HOW FUN! I love Kindergarden, its the best and I bet Arly will too... she will make lots of great friends and make lots of neat things! Have a fun school year ARLY... and mommy it will be okay! she will bring home more inspiring ideas for you and Aly to do... Love ya