Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Arly & Alyn in WonderLand!...

we painted some canvases this morning... inspired by the fabulous Elsie... the girlios fabric bedroom has been waiting for a little something else and this is def it! my HOTpinkFLAMINGO.... isn't she lovely? Arly's "tipsy teacups!" she did a great job!!!
Alyn's "i'm late" rabbit... too cute!
these were sketch by me - but painted by THE GIRLS! then i detailed them when they dried. they had fun... we wanted to do something special together for arly's last day at home with us during the weeks.... i CANNOT believe she starts school tomorrow! aaaahhhhhhh crazy!
tty SOON!


dAnI said...

Good Job Girls!!! Arly did a fabulous job, she's going to be like Maggie!!! ;0)

Molly Kate said...

CONGRATS!!! You won my 100th post giveaway! Thanks so much for entering, please e-mail me your info here: molly.row@ttu.edu! Thanks! p.s.- your blog is AMAZING!!! I love it.

yellowbugger said...

yay jari!! and the girls' art is awesome!! (your's too, but that goes without saying!!)

calvin & hobbs said...

how cute!! i wish i did that kind of suff with my girls!!! i wouldn't have a clue where to start! very cute tho...they did a great job!

love and miss you girls!!!