Sunday, August 24, 2008

to market to market to buy a fat...... no pigs here!

saturday morning we went to the market... met up with ari, will and elliott & johnny & his cousin lizzy. we walked around from 10am - 230pm. soooo inspiring... so lovely!arly enjoying fresh lemonade! refreshing.... alyn LOVing the yogurt sample from moxiberry!

while at market... i found a few local artists i LOVE!!! you must check out their websites... right now they have taken most or even all of their inventory off their websites so they don't double sell during market but here they are.... aaaaahhhhhhh - awesome designs on american apparel clothing! oooohhhhhhh - the most FABULOUS hats i've ever seen! yyyaaaayyyyyy - beautiful handbags, aprons, wallets - in fact, jen has a son who will be going to arly's kindergarten... she lives just a few blocks away. we exchanged numbers so our little ones can play this fall! wwwooooowwwww! she is actually going to open up shop downtown... grand opening sept 5th! can't wait... it's called ZACC (Zootown Arts Community Center) - lots of local artists will be selling their wares there! can't wait to check it out! all of her clothing is made from old tshirts! how AWESOME is that?!?!?


yellowbugger said...

love your blog's new look!! hmmmm, is it inspired by a certain long legged bird??

julio n carla said...

maybeee!!! ;o) thanks! xo!

dAnI said...

Looks like you kids had lots of fun this weekend,wish they had fun things like that to do around here, but we'll keep dreaming on that one!

calvin & hobbs said...

i wonder if we have anything like that here, besides the swap meet (it's crazy there)??? i want more like a farmers market. looks like a ton of fun!!i'm sure my girls would love it...only they'd want something at every stop, lol!!!