Sunday, August 24, 2008

tooo cute! LOL~

THRIFTING! aaahhhhh.... just that word makes me relaxed! i love to go out and find the little things that are sooo fabulous you can't leave in the store.... but sometimes, my budget doesn't allow me to get everything i fall in love with. and here are a few of those!

these handsome little guys would go perfect in my home... right above the staircase... where i'm hoping to display quite a few deer! but sadly... they must stay at the antique market on 3rd :(

and this guy! HA HA HA~ he cracks me up! he is a (get this!) SALT & PEPPER shaker! hee hee! the salt comes out the nose... and the pepper... yep, you guessed it! would love to see him on my kitchen table! ;o)i thought this was gorgeous - but didn't fit in my budget or my decor... so i guess you could call it just some eye candy!this is my inspiration to finish the girls' bedroom... it's going to be *WONDERLAND*... and i promise... i had this idea way before the lovely elsie made her wonderland... but i can promise you, i will use her work for inspo too! thanks elsie! xo!


yellowbugger said...

fun stuff!! can't wait to come shopping with you!! :0)

dAnI said...

LOVE that picture of you!