Saturday, September 27, 2008

an almost PERFECT DAY!!... very very close :]

what an incredible day! this morning when i got up, i went and picked up my friend jen and her 3 little guys and brought them back to our house. joel... fantastic husband... watch all 5 kiddos so that jen and i could go garage saling! we went to probably 10 or so sales and then to the most colorful store i've ever seen! ROCKIN' RUDY'S!!!here's lots fun pics of our little outing! it's going to be a hefty load of fabulous pics!! :]
check out jens tattoo! she's the mama bird and her three little boy birdies! how sweet!dennis rodman wedding day barbie! LOL!!!am i boring you yet? sorry... but these things are just sooo inspiring to me! eye candy galore! makes me want to creat.create.create!elvis sunglasses... sideburns included... uh huh! a true rockstar baby onesie!how awesome is this little gnome and fawn wooden journal?!?!?

other yay news! joel and i cleaned the whole garage! first time EVER to put both of our vehicles in this garage! we took a load to goodwill AND another load to the recycle bins. we even went thru all the boxes, holiday decorations, tools etc... she's squeaky clean out there! we still have lots to move on outta there - but those items will head to craigslist and my online store.

another AWESOME addtion to this day... jen finished my laptop bag!!!! she did a LOVELY job! it is the CUTEST bag i have ever seen... EVER! and i've seen lotsa bags! i'm on cloud nine! and isn't it screaming jari?!?!?!?
(for some reason this pic is upside down... and i can't change it... so i guess you'll just have to do a headstand to get the full effect! ha ha ha!)and again... for some reason i can't get the pic of the front pocket to show up... but when i come back to SD i'll show it to you... i'm sure i'll have it with me always! look closely and you'll notice the short handles and the flap over the laptop side of the bag - it's a tie! it has a total of 9 pockets and hold EVERYTHING i need... including laptop (in a super cushiony padded, soft pocket that takes up half of the bag.... in the other half the pockets hold the powercord, camera, wireless mouse, usb cords, charger for the camera, cell phone, ipod! i LOVE it!!!!
so for the rest of tonight... i'm going to pick up my scentsy display and maybe start packing for the scrapbooking retreat in rapid city! yayayayayayay!!! i am soooo excited to scrap with the girls!

oh and some more fun stuff to talk about..... we are actually a little more in tune with the 21st century! we talked on/thru the WEBCAM today with jenna and her girls! that was SOOOO much fun! we talked for almost an hour! the girls thought it was hilarious!!! i can promise you that we will be doing that lots! so if any of you have webcams - please let us know so we can invite you into our home too! it's one of my favorite things now! :] and if you don't have one yet... GO GET ONE!!! you won't regret it!

so the ONLY thing that didn't make today *perfect*... is that the pork chop we were going to eat tonight was still frozen so we had to fend for ourselves for supper...(which means joel feeds himself and the girls sandwiches and i eat cereal... but i do LOVE peanut butter capt crunch!) but we went out for DQ afterward!

what an INCREDIBLE day! we are soooo blessed!

love you guys!



calvin & hobbs said...

i had a blast see and messing with your girls. they are sooooo funny!! MONSTER FACES!!!!! we'll be sure do that again!! as for the rest...we're polar opp., lol! love the bag tho!!!

yellowbugger said...

love the bag!!! cute cute!! can't wait for next weekend...scrappin' away!! wooo hooooo!!