Wednesday, September 24, 2008


so i got this new houndstooth dress/tank type thing - and i love it.. and had to share! ;o)

inspired by a photo from dani terk....thanks!inspired by a photo from rachel denbow... thanks!arly took the last two shots of me.. and i was chasing her to tickle tackle her and she snapped this photo! i love it! rraaawwwwrrrrrrr!

there - if you haven't been here to see it yet.. that is our front patio - between the garage and the house. we're cleaning the ole casa tonight for tomorrow's party - tastefully simple/scentsy open house - so maybe i'll take a video in the morning. still lots of work that needs to be done... but first that would mean i'd have to get off my new laptop! that's right... i got a new computer. last friday the desktop fried out... literally... smelled like burnt plastic and hot wires... scary!!! so here it is... my new toy - but also gets a lot of real work done on it too! ;o) and on sunday night.. i was sooo excited to get busy testing her out... i opened a bottle of wine... went to pour myself another glass a few hours later - and it was GONE!!! i drank the whole darned thing. needless to say i didn't feel the best the next morning ;o)

i have way-ay more to share but i must start cleaning... get something done before joel gets home. have you all seen the email about "what did you do all day?" it's hilarious! me today! doing the nothing! i have a LONG night in front of me... so until tomorrow... or maybe friday - loves!

if you need any scentsy or tastefully simple let me know... will put the orders in by the end of the week! ;o)


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calvin & hobbs said...

super cute, arly's quite the photographer to catch that one, lol! congrats on the new computer, hope you didn't loose to much to the "melt down"! miss you guys!!