Friday, September 19, 2008

creative jen....

i just have to share... i met jen at market early this summer. we both have kindergarteners so we have been seeing each other twice a day and getting to know each other a little bit better. well, she is amazing! she makes me want to create! look how inspiring her work is! funFUNfun!!!
theres almost anything you can imagine on her fabrics... robots, astronauts, skulls, owls, paisleys, houndstooth, hearts, rainbows, cherries, stripes, flowers, and on and on and on! awesome!
she has messenger bags, half messengers, totes, clutches, checkbooks, wallets, coin bags, journals, address books, aprons, key chains... and they are fabulously funky! this is totally my taste in fabric. if i had a closet full of fabric - this is definately what would be in there! i hope you enjoy this pics. i asked her to take the pics so i could share with you... she said yes. and so i'm wondering, i already have her permission to do this, but if you would like me to bring some of her stuff back to SD with me to look at in person - i will!

look what she brought me the other day... she said - for being so friendly... i made you this for your business cards! how cute!!! i LOVE it!

so let me know if you want to see more... xo!

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yellowbugger said...

i love it all!!!! please bring us samples!! the funkier the better!!!