Monday, October 20, 2008


ok - i just got an email from my Scentsy Director! she had just been on a directors call with the president of Scentsy... and he announced the top 20 consultants with most personal sales... and..... are you ready for this!?!?!??! I am #3!!!! can you believe that?!?! in the WHOLE ENTIRE COMPANY! that's quite an accomplishment! and i want to personally thank all who attended a party and purchased Scentsy's AMAZING products on my "scentsy tour!" thank you thank you thank you! you should be receiving you warmers and scents very soon!

ps... you should smell the Nov scent of the month! cinnamon cider! i just wanna drink it!!!

again, thanks so much! i love you!



heltzel6 said...

congrats! do you get a bonus? i think you should.

yellowbugger said...

i agree!! def should get a bonus!! we got our warmers yesterday... love love love the new ones!! and can't wait for the new cider scent! yippeeee!! :0)

kdsmith7 said...

CONGRATS JAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't surprise me though - you work at it & you can tell you enjoy it all a lot too! How awesome!

calvin & hobbs said...

WOOO HOOO!!!!!! CONGRATS!! see all that running sure paid off! can't wait for my sip and snif when you get here!! LOL

sharonjo said...

Wow!! This is really great. You should be very proud of yourself; your hard work and enthusiasm are paying off--big time! Congratulations!!!