Wednesday, October 22, 2008

missoula moms night out!

last night was the first girls night of the fall... and the first time i brought my camera (can you believe that!?!?!?) so we went and ate dinner at the iron horse (one of my fave restaurants here!) and sat next to the fire... AWESOME! it was dana's 41st bday so we treated her with a few gifts... and lots of laughter! so here are some pics... from back left... jen, sarrah, jami, dana, jen and me
me, chris, cj and sarrah
jami and jen n
dana and me... happy birthday dana!
me and jen e



calvin & hobbs said...

looks like a good time, hope you make some good friends there! i know it's hard but at least you're putting yourself out there!! good job JARI!

yellowbugger said...

fun fun fun!!! <3