Tuesday, November 4, 2008

arly's school Spook Party

aly & i joined aj and her classmates for their halloween party! there were sooo many fun costumes! the kinder kiddos (& alycat!) got to decorate cookies & cupcakes, make stick puppets, decorate a paper pumpkin with glitter, make a treat bag... too much fun! they also had a "costume parade!" it was honestly a little chaotic - but i think the kids had fun!
aj and her friend kaeli was pretty impressed with my 'hurry up and find a kindergartener appropriate costume this morning!" SCARECROW! :]aly & i waiting for the costume parade to start!Jen the lovely crow & me!



yellowbugger said...

too fun...i miss the old days of school parties and costumes!! but the teenage years are good too...i love it all! :0)

calvin & hobbs said...

What a blast...i can't wait for all this kind of fun next year...or the year after, we'll see!