Tuesday, November 4, 2008


girls going out and about on halloween night! arly wasn't too sure - ready to quit after a couple houses.... too scary and had enough candy to eat! but alynl.. she really surprised us! she would run up to the doors, knock with her skull wand, trick or treat, thanks and take off for the next door! it was too fun!
what an awesome skully pumpkin!!!
assessing the damage! even caesar the pirate wants in on the action! :] xo!


yellowbugger said...

can you say dentist!! wow...what a haul!!!! yay!

calvin & hobbs said...

Yay..trick or treating! I'm sure you all had fun, we sure did! Love your pumpkin, you guys did a great job!

julio n carla said...

hee hee! that wasn't our pumpkin! just a fun one that we saw during out outting! we did sticker faces this year! :]