Tuesday, November 4, 2008

GRIZ game!

julio and i had a chance to go to a UM Griz game last saturday! and i'm admitting... it was FUN! loud! crazy! LOTS of school spirit! we went with the whole progressive crew from the state. ALL of them amazing people! sooo nice! we had a such a good time tailgating, game watching, laughing! i'd def go to another game when given the chance!every time there was a Griz touchdown - the cannon went off! it was awesome - and we heard it lots that day! we actually only stayed until half time because we were up 31-0 and there was more tailgating to be done! :] and this crazy guy caught my attention! what a goof! GREEN GUY!



yellowbugger said...

woo hoo!!! looks like tons o fun!! :0)

calvin & hobbs said...