Friday, January 23, 2009

life's not fair....

that's what alyn said this morning when we had to get up and take aj to school. it's sooo cold and she said.. but i was nice and cozy and look what you did!too funny! omgoodness... then last night! ha! we went to story time at the school(the girls & maisy readin' away!)then guess who came?!?!! MONTE!!!!!!
the monte chase!(there's aj... just on the left.. you can see her bangs and eyes and nose... looks like her head merges with the 2 dark head boys. let's play... where's aj!!?!) so when we got home - and joel and i started working on cozies after we helped the girls get their toothbrushes ready.... so we work work work for about 15-20 minutes before we went down to check on them. oh and the music was on - not blaring but loud enough- joel went downstairs and all of a sudden i hear sobbing... like when you can't even talk coming from alyn. she had been sitting on the toilet in my and ju's bathroom screaming... SCREAMING for someone to wipe her bottom. poor thing... we couldn't hear her! it's all the way at the opposite corner and level than where we were at... oh it was awful! poor thing was terrified! and stuck on the damn toilet! just outta earshot!

but a sweet thing from last night - joel went to bed about 30-45 minutes before i did... i get down to the room and he is laying on my side of the bed.. so i was like - hellllooooo??? my side of the bed!.... and he woke up with eyes barely open, and with a scratchy voice said... i was warming it up for you. *sigh* how sweeeeeeet!



calvin & hobbs said...

awww...poor aly!! such a sweet girl to have it such a ruff day! bless her heart!! and i dont' blame her for not wanting to go out in that cold...burrr!!!

did ya'll hve fun at the school? looked like a good time.

and lastly...what a SWEET hubby! miss you all!!

oh and those cozies are CUTE! can't wait for MINE!!

danyell said...

i'm soooo jealous!!! u guys are the cutest:)