Thursday, January 22, 2009


*sew trimming on 100 cozies
*go to wally - need dish soap, kids toothpaste, napkins, ziploc bags
*joanns - felt & thread
*grocery store - milk, eggs
*add ingredients to my friendship bread
*deliver scentsy light bulb & base
*help Aj find her library book... 1 week overdue already... can't find it anywhere!!!
*family reading night at school from 6-8... wear cozy pj's & drink hot chocolate.mmmm...

last night was fun... i stayed up waiting for the 'pretty' class to post supplies... and ahhhhhhh....i couldn't sleep afterward! i'm the kind of girl that once my head hits the pillow i'm OUT! not last night! i read the supply list and it all seems soooo lovely. i CAN'T wait!! *sigh*

and here's a little love as of lately... you can find these awesome vintage beauties here.

& i have the perfect boots to wear!!! <3>

and here are some sneeks from RVA! see why i'm sooo excited for my trip to springfield in june!?! aawwwww.... in love!!!!

*hint, hint* store opens feb 1st... online... and i'll be going down to see it in person in june.. so if you're wondering what i would LOVE for my 27th bday... this is it! :]
(but instead of pat... it's JARI!) ha ha! or anything from rva would be LOVELY!
time to get started on my list!


kimi said...

I am so glad I am not the only one that is totally stoked for the Spring Class Supply List. I made mine all pretty so I can print it up and hang it on my wall. I want to go to Springfield so bad to check on the store too!! I am totally excited for Feb. 1st! See ya around class :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the vintage clothes site but make me a promise that you will NEVER start wearing the shiny spandex pants. FLASH BACK to the sixth grade. YIKES I'm getting old.