Tuesday, January 20, 2009

post 150!

what a fantastically incredible AMAZING day! first of all.... this!
i couldn't do anything today! my eyes were glued to this historic event... i'm sooooo happy! wooop whoop!
second... look at this beauty. i'm calling her sally! little jimmy janome went kapuuut. sweet thing... we'll keep him around though for the girls when they want to learn how to sew.
and i'm in love.... with these! new cozies on the way! aren't these LOVELY!!?!?!

tomorrow i'm working on lots and lots of cozies! i mean LOTS! and hopefully THPF will get a makeover.... like POW! :D



heltzel6 said...

i was a good day wasn't it!!!!!!

Lizee said...

yessss...indeed its a wonderful day. Its the start of an amazing era.

congrats on ur new machine...looking forward to your new creations.

calvin & hobbs said...

awww...Sally, she's a beauty! hope she a worker too!! Enjoy and Love her!!