Thursday, March 5, 2009

AJ's 6th Birthday!

from poodle skirts to littlest pet shop ... all the way to a water park and ice cream cake! mmmm!

FEB 27 was our sweet Aj's 6th bday... and it was a BUSY day! i had forgotten about making her a poodle skirt for her school sock hop until about 9pm the night before... but whipped this up and she thought it was pretty cool so i was happy. and the fact that there was a SOCK HOP on her birthday! eeeeeeeek!
(is our little poser being camera shy?!?)
(NOOOOOO! ha ha!)then saturday we went to Currents Indoor Water Park to have a pizza & ice cream cake with some of her little kindergarten friends.. how fun!
oooo did i mention that someone POOPED in the pool?!?! (thank goodness none of the kiddos that were with us... but still... EEEEW!)
she got lots of littlest pet shop toys which she absolutely LOVED! she's trying to collect all of them... and if you know, there are lots!!!
ella and maisy came over after the party and played for a few hours. it was a great day! :D


hollysarah said...

the poodle skirt turned out sooooo good! wow.
and I used to LOVE Littlest Pet Shop when I was little. fun!

calvin & hobbs said...

Happy Birthday Aj! next year we'll be there, for sure!!! YAY!